Influencer campaign that far exceeded industry benchmarks

We created a customer persona

The Challenge

Pursoma had aggressive annual growth goals they needed to achieve. While the brand had a successful wholesale & offline retail program, it had not invested in digital ecommerce in the past. In order to reach their targets the brand needed to increase its ecommerce sales.

Increasing digital sales would require a comprehensive strategy for building brand awareness online, increasing third party validation for the brand, and for easily creating new content for social campaigns.

Campaign Results

Benchmark Engagement Rate
Earned Media Value ROI
Brand Licensed Content Pieces

Our Approach

The Methods & Metrics team identified that a holistic influencer campaign would most effectively achieve the brand’s goals.

We identified and engaged with a series of influencers that aligned with the brand and reached likely customers.

Pursoma was able to activate across a number of high-value digital influencers, build online brand awareness, and receive content assets that were then used in other advertising channels.

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